Road Trip


We had a great light show last night. Multiple storm cells meant multiple, repeated Thunderstorm Watches and Warnings issuing from my various bits of technology. I think the cats have decided that the man speaking those warnings etc., is a reclusive border. They can’t see him but he’s obviously here a lot.

Note: One of these days I’ll get a photo of some lightning. It will be by accident, of course, but it will happen. 🙂


One year ago today Ahuva, the cats, the dog, and I arrived at the lawyer’s office in St. Stephen where I signed for the house. We spent the night in St. George and arrived on the Island a year ago tomorrow. You might reasonably expect some well thought-out post tomorrow to mark that occasion, but I’m going to disappoint you.

I have a road trip scheduled to Saint John and I’m learning to warn people when I’m not going to be posting something they expect. Maybe I’ll get some shots to share when I get back. 🙂



    1. As i recall there was a stalking app on your phone which meant we couldn’t even stop for a bathroom break without half the State of New Jersey knowing about it.

      And we had a lot of fun 🙂


      1. and you were EXTREMELY grateful to that stalking app because it found us lodgings every night for us AND Jamie. 🙂 AND it got us to The Axe. and the lock in Sault Ste Marie. you scoffer, you.


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