There was a lot of laziness around here yesterday. The weather had cooled and it made a lot of us not even try to accomplish anything.

Oh the tourist facing residents still worked, and the whales and fish were still active. Also the mosquitoes – they never take a day off.


A lot of people went off to their camps for the weekend – swimming in the lakes and racing 4 wheelers on dirt roads are the major activities. Later in the year they are used for hunting.

I dressed in my painting clothes when I got up – I had lots of ambition but, as it turned out, no real desire.


My young friend went with his father down to the Harbour to fish for mackerel, so I went along with my camera. That might count as doing something.

We talked to tourists and counted sleeping birds. I don’t think that will be recorded as a very productive day though. It was, however, close to perfection.


I’m sure today will be different. Really! My painting clothes are once again back on and I have a big bag of clams to vacuum seal and freeze. Later I’ll make a trip upriver on an errand for a friend.

My young friend did catch some fish. Pity he doesn’t like eating them – they went to his grandfather instead. 🙂



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