It’s Cranky Out There


The fog has rolled in so I’m sharing a couple more shots from the Harbour on Sunday. I tried to get you some new ones, but the mosquitoes are even more blood-suckingly vicious than usual these days.

I know I’ve told you about the herons fighting for territory – and the hummingbirds. Things are getting out of hand.

The fighting is getting louder and longer and more extreme. One cute little hummer doesn’t just chase the others away, he attacks them with his beak. I’ve told him he’s being a dick.


Yesterday morning two eagles went at it in front of my house. It didn’t last as long as some of the other fights that are going on – to be fair, the young one was punching above his weight.

I’ve told a few people that if the sparrows or yellow finches start dueling I’m going to go find the nearest bomb shelter.

Mother Nature is exhibiting a lot of nasty aggression these days. Honestly, would you trust this bird?


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