The World Should Just Stop When I’m Sleeping. Thank you.


I slept deeply, if fitfully, last night so I missed some excitement. Oh not the herring fishery – the boat that had been working in my cove has moved to a larger area nearby.

There is still no sign that the huge population of (what will wind up being) future lobster bait is declining. A friend took me on a late night tour of the various coves and harbours the other night to get a sense of them.

There are dozens of whales circling the Island and the fish take shelter wherever they can find it. At the Ferry landing the fish are so desperate to escape they are jumping onto the shore. At North Road I looked over the wharf railing and saw thousands and thousands and thousands of them swimming below.


I can hear running water early in the morning – except that’s not what it is. It’s the herring leaping out of the depths in huge numbers.

Many of the young guys want to take the long weekend off – the older fishermen just keep pointing out it could be many years before this happens again. It’s best to take advantage while they can.

At some point in the night somebody decided that the previous masterpiece had faded too much. He (you know it was a he) laid down (uh huh I can talk like the kids) a new pattern of rubber outside. Robert stopped by to look on his way home from the Breakwater and wondered who would do that. I said it’ll be a teenager on a 4-wheeler who likes attention. Not that this narrows it down. šŸ™‚

I slept through it.


I slept through at least one other major incident. When I got up and went to look for a way to inject coffee directly into my brain stem I found the aftermath of a serious altercation.

Things had been knocked over and moved around. The board covering the big space under the counter had been pushed away. The mess was quite impressive.

Lying in the middle of all this were the two cats working very hard to look innocent. Their lack of success was entirely due to the 2 inch body of a dead mouse on the kitchen floor. It seems they want to make a pet of the adults – but the children are fair game as cat toys.

This little guy has done nothing to bother my sleep or re-arrange my house. He can stay.



  1. I don’t suppose the boys would consider driving down to my place to get rid of the mouse (or mice) I know have taken up residence since the renovation began. Even when the girls are liberated, they prefer to play, not eliminate, the little rodents. I could use some professionals. šŸ™‚ I have fresh catnip…… Oh – and please note and appreciate all the things I am NOT saying in this post, m’dear, despite a very enticing opening. *grin* You owe me. šŸ™‚


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