Pick a Little


I went over to the breakwater last night for the sunset. It wasn’t dramatic but I have a few shots.

I also got a couple of photos of the derelict building there. A few weeks ago some tourists told me “I” should hold daily fundraising dinners to finance its demolition. I just nodded wisely in response. We’re all waiting for the next big storm to take it down.


One of these days I’ll be able to show you a mackerel gull – or black headed gull. The link has a photo of them if they aren’t familiar to you.

These little birds gather in large numbers around the shore feeding on the smallest fish in the Cove. They also chatter … constantly. Their voices are like one would imagine tiny ducks would sound.

If you’ve ever seen Music Man then you know what their conversation is like. PickaLittle TalkaLittle was written for these birds. I imagine they’re talking about their compatriots in the same manner as these women.

The big doings this week involve recycling. I’ve spent years sorting all my garbage and recycling pretty much everything. This wasn’t possible here – we could put cardboard, paper, and two kinds of hard plastic in the dumpster-sized bins. Nothing else. I felt guilty all the time.

The County is changing its recycling program and this week special blue bins were delivered all over the Island.


Now, I’m used to a blue box which is about 2 feet x 18 inches x 18 inches. As with all appetites out here, the recycling program has a much larger ambition.

We will be able to recycle almost everything – really soft plastic is not on the list. What is truly impressive is that every household in the County now has a recycling bin on wheels which stands higher than my waist. This thing is enormous.


There is the usual controversy. I’ve heard voices which sound much like the little gulls complaining about having to wash cans or flatten things. Also the blue bin pickup will now alternate with garbage collection – so Oh No their garbage will only be taken every two weeks.

We’ve all seen this before. They’ll get used to it. 🙂


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