More Birds


I’m finally making my way through all the shots from the last trip to Machias Seal Island. Unfortunately this provides a great opportunity for Fergus to get some of the attention he and his brother are lacking these days.

It’s bad enough that he thinks I should work one handed, but when he starts swatting the keyboard and changing the photo settings the two of us have a discussion. He’s currently sulking on the floor.


A very large, long necked, diving bird hung around for a few days. We went through every page of the bird book trying to identify it. We failed.

Photos wouldn’t help anybody – he stayed far enough offshore that the long lens would be necessary to capture his obvious charms. I’ll try again if he returns.


There is another new resident in the cove as well. A very very very large bald eagle has decided this is his territory. He sits on top of a rock and anytime one of the eagles who nest around here think they’re going to get something to eat he charges.

I’ve named him Baracus – although he is magnificent, he has a seriously bad attitude.


My posts may be more erratic this week – I have at least two trips planned to Saint John in the next 7 days. This will seriously eat in to my nap time.

Fergus and Duff will tell you my priorities are messed up. I tell them winter is coming and they’ll get quite tired of me very soon. 🙂



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