Pearl Essence


This morning I had my coffee outside in the dark. There were whales blowing and huffing offshore which had the fish jumping. Instead of the sound of a babbling brook, this morning’s soundtrack was much more like a huge rainstorm on the waters of the Cove. Thousands of herring jumping out of the water is an impressive event.

Yesterday we watched a crew harvesting those fish and I want to share something else I’ve learned. You see those dull areas in the water? Those are fish scales – lost when they are crowded into small areas and then vacuumed.


The scales used to be collected at some point and used in the manufacturing of various kinds of makeup. If your lipstick has Pearl Essence listed as one of the ingredients it’s probably a synthetic now – but at one time it was herring scales.

I have a road trip today (honestly, the adventures never end around here) so this is necessarily a short post. I’ll leave the Cove in the trusted safekeeping of my friends and Baracus the eagle. ๐Ÿ™‚



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