I May Be Having Too Much Fun


The trip to Saint John was one of the best days I’ve had in years. This will sound really strange to those who know I was taking a friend for a biopsy. It’s just that after all the stressful anticipation of the test (which turned out to be quick and easy) the relief felt in the car was enormous.

We spent the rest of the day shopping and eating and laughing. There was a lot of laughing. My two companions disappeared into an automotive emporium at the end of the day and I fiddled with the radio.

Realizing I still had to drive for more than 2 hours to get us home I chose an 80s rock station, cranked the volume, and drove them crazy singing for the duration of the return journey.  It was a fun day.


Yesterday I was going to paint. I don’t have too much more to do to finish painting the ceiling boards – they’ll still have to be sanded – so I was determined to work on them.

It was one of those glorious early fall days. I had on my adorable memorable painting outfit, I had the music set up, the first board on my work station, and I was stirring the paint. Then my phone pinged. I got a much better offer.

We spent the rest of the day touring places on the Island I had yet to visit (there are a lot). I met many interesting people and there’s a possibility I’ll remember some of their names. sigh


These aren’t great shots but they’re not bad considering that once again I was laughing for most of the tour.

Part of the trip was to the far side of the Island where there are some enormous houses. We didn’t just drive by, we went down the long driveways and got a very close look. I met a few owners and one couple gave me a tour of the interior of their gorgeous house. I covet their cherry floors and many of the architectural details they’ve added.

I still prefer the size of my place and its location. Still it was fascinating to get a close look at what are just summer homes. One of them is still being finished and its a West Coast home inside and out. You could transport it to the Gulf Islands or West Vancouver and it would fit right in.


Today I will get back to painting – if I don’t have to make a courier run upriver to deliver some stuff to the hospital in St. Stephen. I can’t keep postponing the chore though. At last count there were 13 potential hurricanes that we have to watch. Florence is the most in need of tracking at the moment.

The fishermen are planning their locations and timing with an eye on those storms and I need to take advantage of the clear weather while I can.

I have another road trip to Saint John on Monday. This time I may not have the benefit of a navigator. Oh I’ll find my destination but there is no way I’ll be able to figure out how to get back to the highway. Ahuva wants to put a tracking app on my phone and assures me that somebody in New Jersey will be able to direct me. My friends here are all anticipating a text from the side of the road saying “I give up”. I don’t know why they all think it’s amusing.



  1. If you’d put the app on your phone, you KNOW the travel agent in the sky will get you there and back safely. oh – maybe not. It’s Rosh Hashanah on Monday. Never mind – the travel agents will all be phone-free. You’ll have to send a text to the locals! But I have great faith in you. I’m sure you will get home safely even without the eye in the sky (otherwise known as the pilot in the phone).


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