Age Has Its Advantages


Most of today’s images were taken in the Bog after our one day of rain. We really need the water but heat has returned.

The recent extended spell of hot weather has caused my short-haired cat to develop matted fur. I know it’s my own fault – but you try and find their brush in this house. It took me a long time.

He’s so miserable he’s actually now demanding that I groom him. He’s supposed to be the quiet one. sigh


About the advantages of age. Specifically, the advantages of living in a time here in Canada before we went metric in the 1970s. I grew up with fahrenheit, feet/inches/miles, and pounds/ounces.

Switching to metric wasn’t always smooth but it’s an easy system to learn. The little tricks to translate the measurements in your head soon became unnecessary. We coped just fine.

It turns out that change, almost 50 years ago, skipped a few places.


If you want to have a conversation which includes distance, weight or temperature on this Island you have to do it old school. Luckily for me I’m bimeasural – because of my age I can do both Imperial and Metric.

I discussed this with a friend of mine who said she’d had been surprised when visiting relatives in Ontario and “they all use metric!”.

“Um”, I replied “the whole frigging Country does!”. Except for here. I don’t know about Deer Island or Grand Manan but this place stopped listening in 1975.


We have fun here talking about young people on whale watching excursions who don’t know where to look when the Captain shouts “Whale at 2 o’clock” because they haven’t learned to read an analogue watch face. We delight in the fact that us old folks can write in cursive and know that teenagers won’t be able to read it.

Those advances have been achieved on this Island in the middle of pretty much nowhere. Measurements, however, are not budging. I love this place.

One last note. I mentioned that I took a friend for a biopsy last week. The results came in yesterday and there is no cancer. Happy dances were performed. 🙂


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