I slept in today. I don’t know why the cats didn’t do their usual tap dance on my head but they didn’t. As a result I’m still waiting for the synapses to start synapting.

Life is good – no major events have occurred recently. I did have another road trip – this time to St. Andrews – and I’m getting ready to see my first moose. My camera is never far away these days.


I got a few puffin shots processed with great difficulty. The biggest problem was an uninvited black fly.Β  They like to harass you before attacking, the little buggers.

I’m lucky that they don’t actually bite me – still they consider me a great target to practice their troll-like behaviour. The bug-killing frost cannot come early enough. Mosquitoes and black flies will be sent to a frozen hell. I hope.


I had a visit the other day from a politician wanting my vote in the upcoming Provincial election. She’s not from here and obviously didn’t do any research. The first big policy she used to try and get me on her side involved stopping the need for a license plate on the front of our cars.

She explained that people with high end cars don’t like having to drill holes in them for this unnecessary piece of identification. The tragic life of lamborghini owners. sigh This next photo could be of us.



  1. Literally laughed out loud at the caption, “This could be us.” I’m so loving your photos. Black flies! Ugh! I have a lot of bad childhood memories of those, from vacations on Lake Superior. Down here in New England, I’m still waiting to see my first moose. I’ve seen plenty of road crossing signs, but no moose.

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  2. Thanks for the great post …I asked my Sandy if she would enjoy hearing the local news from across the harbor/harbor ,so I entered her email to recieve the posts …We/she will enjoy hearing the updates now and also when we go south to coastal South Carolina.. Thanks from your neighbors Darrell & Sandy ….nice pictures ! ….I will be looking to see some this winter from our neighborhood …etc. Catch y’all lata,Dar …..

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