Happy Campers


I know, first I don’t post for days and then I post later than usual. I waited for the mail and was rewarded with my new lens. I haven’t read the instructions yet. I just attached it to the camera and headed down to the Harbour.

The pumper boat was unloading tonnes of fish and the seagulls were in heaven. You see fish are slippery so they don’t always wind up in the bins. They are scattered around the dock and, as a result, there’s a bird buffet.


It’s a very noisy process. They never learned to share and spend a lot of time screeching at each other.

I’m lucky that we’re having cool weather with overcast skies. As it is my shoes smell of herring. The place didn’t reek like it would in the hot sun though.


The lens is fun to use although it’s not very understanding about my shaky hands. I’ll be spending a lot more time with a tripod in the future.

One cool thing is a macro button for extreme close-ups. I won’t have to switch lenses as often which means I’ll rarely have to carry more than the one.


I’ll try to be better about posting. Maybe if I don’t stick to early mornings I’ll get more done.

What I will do is practice a lot with this lens (and the tripod). I’m very pleased with the decision to buy  an OEM version – at 1/3 the cost of the Pentax original I had.  I miss the other one, but I think this will do just fine. 🙂



  1. The photos are amazing. Even to my untrained eye, I see a difference. They are almost as crisp as a painting but as real as if I was there.
    Thank you. I applaud your decision as well (Haha)

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