It’s a Wee Bit Chilly


I spent quite a few hours yesterday practicing and experimenting with the new lens. I think my best option, based on the results, is to dictate the ISO during the day and let it decide at night.

I spent all that time on the edge of a cliff watching some fishermen and trying to capture a few wildlife shots. I say a few – there are hundreds of attempts sitting on the computer waiting to be reviewed.


I tried really hard to get shots of the raptors as they flew around in front of me. The good news is that I’m not going anywhere so I’ll have more chances. *grin*

I managed to get the next two poor photos from a considerable distance as they watched the guys working on the water below.


The biggest problem I had – apart from failed ISO experiments – was the cold wind. A quick trip home was required to bring back a blanket for the porch I was sitting on.

I also changed into winter boots to prevent the loss of my toes and took the opportunity to order some gloves that photographers use in cold weather. It wasn’t this cold at the same time last year or at least I don’t remember it.


I didn’t get a shot of a kingfisher but there’s another one in my Cove so I’ll keep trying. If you think blue jays scold then you should hear one of those guys give you grief. They’re cranky little things.

The next guy also scolded me but at least he stood still long enough to get his picture taken. 🙂




  1. wow. i love the clarity of those pictures. maybe i should just buy the same camera/lens and let you coach me. although my pictures will be on the ‘marauding’ gangs of deer in the neighborhood. 🙂

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