Thanksgiving dinner got cancelled – I caught a bug that’s going around. I’ll make it up to everybody at some point. Today’s images were captured at various times in the past week.

I know I mentioned that I’ve ordered gloves that should let me take photos without losing any fingers to the cold – look at the hands of these fishermen.

Surely somebody can come up with something. The water is warmer than usual right now but that’s not warm. Imagine when they go lobster fishing in the dead of winter. They think I’m nuts to bring it up – they all say they’re used to it. I think I’m just being sensible.


I managed to get some recycling satisfaction this week. Many years ago I bought my Mother a lift chair to make things easier for her after a stroke.

Recently I was visiting an irascible old fisherman and looked at the broken recliner he was using. He had managed to destroy both sides of it by leaning on them every time he tried to get up.

Both he and Mother’s lift chair are now in the Lodge. I figure 20 or 30 years from now it’ll be waiting for me. đŸ™‚


We all got the new Cannabis rules in the mail last week. There was one small bullet on the list that has special significance for this Island.

You can’t take the product (which ever kind you enjoy) across a border. Remember we didn’t have a ferry this year and when we do have one it’s just for a few months in the summer. In its absence you drive through Maine to get to the rest of the Country and that means border crossings.

Canada Post would be the obvious delivery mechanism for anybody here wishing to partake. However, there is already a small amount of traffic involving outboards travelling back and forward to the next Island (I refuse to speculate on their cargo). I suspect an enterprising person could set up a perfectly legal delivery service.



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