I’m Still Here


I know it’s been a while. Between dealing with this bug and 4 trips upriver in 5 days there hasn’t been a lot of time for photos or blogging.

The trips have been pretty though – back roads in Maine through the fall colours are beautiful. These shots aren’t any good but Ahuva will be the first to tell you I’m not the type to stop my car and take pictures. Just imagine narrow country roads with trees like this on either side. *grin*

It’s gotten much colder. Fergus harasses me every morning until I light the wood stove so he can fall asleep in front of it. Neither of the cats is amused that I’ve been gone so much lately. They’ll get tired of me once the snow comes.


I’m gradually getting healthier. There were 3 days of the “start coughing/can’t stop/just shoot me” phase. That seems to be over now.

I have a lot more winter prep around the house to do – firewood racks to assemble, etc., – even before we get back to the insulation project. The latter will be finished once the fish stop coming. I assume that they will stop coming. Someday.

I’ll try and carve out some time to get you better photos. I might even manage to get a clear one of this guy.



  1. Hi Maggie
    Sure hope you are feeling better!! Those fall colours are stunning !! What an adventurous life you have now …very happy for you and love your blogs
    Take care 😘

    Liked by 1 person

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