Bird Storm


We had high winds and driving rain yesterday – as you can see the sun also shone through much of it.

For some reason this brought out the birds. There were more than 100 Shags (that’s what the Fishermen call them) and lots of gulls and they were all really agitated.


These diving birds are very graceful when they’re in the water. Take-offs and landings, though, are not their strong points.

When the rain stopped they started beating their wings against the water. Dozens of them at a time. It was very loud – but a beautiful sight.


The really good news – apart from the bird watching opportunity – was that the strong winds were coming from the direction which caused me so much trouble last year.

This time there was no wind whistling through the living room. The part of the insulation project we’ve managed to get done is a success. I’m sure the rest will be as well.


I’m heading upriver again today and the forecast calls for the possibility of a “wintery mix”. So far that means wind, bright sunshine, and snow.

This place is weird. Why would I live anywhere else?  *grin*


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