The Kindness of Friends


We had a big big storm last night. The clouds/fog/haze are still here but I tried to get you some shots of the water at Herring Cove now that the worst has past.

The power was out for hours after a tree fell across the lines. I was messaged at 6:30 to ask if everything was OK. “Sure”, I said, “apart from the whole NO COFFEE thing”. The necessary refreshment arrived shortly thereafter and we went for a ride around the Island.

It’s good to have friends. 🙂


It is almost impossible to get from Point A to Point B here without a few stops and conversations on the way. One old fisherman said he figured I wouldn’t get my roof done till next year now. This is not the first time I’ve been told this lately. I’ll tell you what I have said to those concerned about the state of my shingles.

I fully expect that when the magic moment occurs (wherein there is reasonably good weather, nothing to fish, nothing to hunt, and no boat which requires repairs) my friends will show up to fix the roof. I don’t know why they all laugh when I say this.


Another conversation taught me something more about deer hunters. Remember I was explaining the abundance of and use for apples here on Campobello?

According to at least two of the old guys I was chatting with this morning they use carrots in Nova Scotia and on Grand Manan the deer are enticed with zucchini. There’s a good use for that vegetable everybody grows too much of. Give them to your deer hunting friends.


Not all of the local hunters restrict their efforts to this Island. Many head for the mainland, which is great until they want to get their prized 8 point catch back home. You can’t take your dead deer through Maine (at least not unless it’s completely butchered and all you have is the meat).

When the call goes out that a friend has successfully shot themselves a deer, the guys get in a boat and head for the mainland to act as a taxi for him. You can just see one of these retrieval excursions setting out across the water in the background of this shot. Don’t feel sorry for them though – they were as excited about the rough water as kids heading for a rollercoaster. 🙂



  1. LOVE the water photos. So what kind of odds are you offering on the roof? I may need to get in on the betting action for this. 🙂


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