The Proverbial Calm?


These photos should, I hope, give you a sense of a calm … quiet … peaceful place. You can, if you choose, imagine I’m lazing away in an environment notable only for its restful qualities.



It’s true that these shots were taken here, on the Island, yesterday. In that sense they are an accurate representation of this place.

What you don’t see is the amount of stress and activity elsewhere on this rock. Everything is focused on one topic. Lobster Season starts next week.


Men have been working for weeks to get their traps and boats ready. Trucks have been transporting enormous piles of wire cages and rope from various parts of the Island down to the Harbour and breakwaters for loading.

Important upgrades to decks and motors is ongoing and, because of the recent storms, in many cases behind schedule.


The last wind event a few days ago not only took out the power for much of the Province, it also led to a devastating loss for at least one fisherman on a nearby Island.

His boat, already loaded with his Lobster traps, broke free during the storm and was found floating upside down out in the open water. His season is over before it started.


I will go down to the Harbour and breakwaters today or tomorrow to get you some images of final preparations. They’re used to me now so I won’t feel like I’m in the way.

My plan is to be at the old Fish Plant very early for the Blessing of the Fleet and the start of this year’s Lobster Season. Maybe this year I’ll actually get some photos of it. 🙂


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