Too Close


I usually enjoy the relatively relaxed attitude to things here. Sometimes my big city expectations trigger stress that nobody around me feels is necessary.

I did go upriver yesterday. It did snow. The drive was horrid – made more annoying by the long line of slow traffic we followed. The bank closed at 5:00 pm. No exaggeration – we arrived at 4:59. Small town banks are far more flexible about that sort of thing than the ones I’m used to.

The drive home was worse. I know I refer to the highway in Maine – understand it’s more like a (now) well paved country road. They do put reflectors along the edge, but unfortunately they’re hidden by snow.


The road is dark – you can’t see more than 30 feet in front of you. High beams just illuminated a lot of blowing snow. The road was slushy and very slippery. A group of us in the gas station agreed we were not enjoying the drive. It took more than 2 hours to travel 53 miles.

We received between 6 & 8 inches overnight. The roads are clear, the driveways not so much. I just chatted to my snow angel and mine will be taken care of. I love this place.

Tonight or tomorrow another group of us is heading to Grand Manan. It’s going to be very very cold. I’m taking my camera bag and a lot of layers of clothing. Should be fun. 🙂


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