Cold Road Trip


There were a lot of good reasons to go to Grand Manan when we did. Unfortunately the weather was not one of them. Much like that IKEA commercial there were a lot of calls to “start the car!” just so we could warm up.

I’ve told you about sea smoke before – it forms when the air is colder than the water. Colder than the Atlantic. It was cold. I only took a few photos. I’m a wuss.


The Island itself is interesting – much bigger than mine. It felt like being on the mainland – more territory, more people, more distance to cover every time we went anywhere. Nice people though. I’ve accepted an invitation to return in the summer. 🙂

The trip over on the ferry was rough. It was the first time in my life I’ve ever been seasick – good thing I’d only eaten half a sandwich. The boat is large – not on the same scale as the Spirit category on the West Coast, but it’s not tiny. Unfortunately it was rolling in all 4 directions for 90 minutes. The trip back was much better. *grin*


I was gone for about 29 hours – the cats are not amused. I suspect part of that has to do with the fact that the stove wasn’t operating in my absence. It was really cold in the house but they slept under the blankets so I don’t know what they’re complaining about.

However, I’m told I’m to get a different wood stove – one which will stay hot for 12 hours. I say told because I’m not being given any choice. We’ll see. Have I mentioned the level of stubborn on this Island?


There are a lot of dour projections for this winter. The weather predictions I’m getting from long-time residents include much more snow than last year. The low temperatures in November are seen as indicators for the next few months as well. In addition the Lobster Season is not (at this stage) hugely successful for many.

I’m fine – I’ll just avoid ferries in big winds. This guy tells me that I should stop whining and just add a few more layers of clothes. Who am I to argue?


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