Getting Climatized


That little bit of snow you can see in the first image is gone now. I took these in the Harbour yesterday before the big rain/wind storm arrived over night.

One of the reasons I went down there was the announcement yesterday of our winter forecast. I might have to get a snowmobile (I won’t really get one, I’ll just wish I had one).


Our forecast calls for colder than normal temperatures and lots of nor-easter storms. It also calls for greater than normal snowfall.

In fact one report I saw said it will be a return of the winter a few years ago. I’ve heard stories – here’s a link to some photos of what occurred. I’ll be sure to share dramatic pics. 🙂


I’ve mentioned some of my vocabulary challenges out here in previous posts. There is one which, so far, has been very hard to overcome.

I’m used to breakfast/lunch/dinner. The standard format here is breakfast/dinner/supper. I can’t tell you how many times my schedule has been messed up because “after dinner” meant something entirely different to me and the person speaking.


I’m working on it – but my brain is proving remarkable stubborn with that one. I have managed to switch back to Fahrenheit/miles/pounds in everyday conversation (I understand Grand Manan converted to celcius way back when, this place is living in a different century).

I’m gradually becoming accustomed to the ways around here. I now even understand the real meaning of the signs which say “No Parking on Wharf”.


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