Birds & a PSA


I haven’t had the luxury of time for photo excursions lately so I indulged myself going through more images from my trips to Machias Seal Island last summer. It’ll be a while before I run out of pictures of Murres, Razorbills, and Puffins. 🙂

Today’s post is going to be my attempt to assist a small, but energetic, corner of the modern capitalist economy.


I got my cell phone, and local number, in July of 2017. There was no assumption at the time that the number was created just for me – it would logically have belonged to somebody else prior to my account.

People change their phone numbers for a variety of reasons. That’s obvious. One, hopefully less common of those reasons, would be that they hadn’t paid their phone company’s bills.


I would think that it would be fairly obvious to even the most unsophisticated consumer that if they don’t pay their telephone bill they would lose the right to continue using that phone. Telcos are not known for patience or leniency.

Do you know who can’t figure this out? Collection Agencies. Calling that old number everyday looking for somebody who was cut off more than a year ago is just plain stupid.


I get that Collection Agencies have a job to do. I understand that they have a bottom line which requires actually getting that old debt resolved in their favour. However, calling me isn’t going to help them find a guy I’ve never heard of. It’s just going to piss me off.

I’ve never actually spoken to a person from one of these Agencies about this man. I just get messages and all of them recently are from bots.


I spoke to my service provider about this yesterday but they don’t really care. Once they sell the debt to a Collection Agency the debt and the debtor go into their history files.

I did suggest that, if they wish to maintain a positive relationship with their current customers, they choose debt collectors with half a brain. I didn’t say it that politely. Yesterday was a day of grumpy people and bad moods all over this place. I was one of them. Venting helped. 🙂




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