Working Conditions


I spent some time the other day down at the Harbour playing with settings on my camera. While I was there a friend’s boat came in to offload her catch. Notice anything?

They told me they’d spent time chipping ice off the working platform (and their beards). However, enough was left to give a good sense of what it was like out on the water that day.


Now, I don’t have ice dripping off my desk but I’ve had my own issues. I’m supposed to be working on a friend’s computer. It’s currently sitting untouched on my table. I had to postpone that project while I dealt with some problems with my own.

Imagine if you will trying to edit photos (or even read your mail) when your screen goes black for a few seconds at random intervals 9 or 10 times every minute. I was not a happy camper.


My assumption was that the hdmi cable was damaged. I had finally cleaned the dust out of my machine and decided that I’d done something untoward to that delicate flower (they just look robust).

I went upriver yesterday to purchase a replacement. When it was attached to the appropriate locations absolutely nothing improved. sigh


I finally opened up the computer again and made sure all the connections to the graphics card were solid. That worked. I’d obviously loosened them when I did my housekeeping.

My computer is usable once more. My friend’s computer will be dealt with today. Those fishermen have defrosted and headed back out again. Honestly, they weren’t terribly sympathetic when I complained about my problems. Go figure!



  1. “oh, my” she says in her best Valley girl tones. “you don’t know from hardship, i mean, you know, like, I had to YELL at my sister to clean her garage so I could put our convertible in HER garage, so I can park MY car in, like, you know, MY garage. I mean, like, I can’t be expected to have to deal with frost on my WINDSHIELD in the morning, you know?”

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