Random Notes


The computer had a few more hiccups but she’s in good form now. I haven’t finished the housekeeping I want to do on my friend’s, but I’m hoping today is the day I can return it to him.

It is supposed to warm up enough that we’ll have rain this weekend. The snow returns on Monday.


I saw my first water spouts the other day. They formed off of Eastport (too far for good shots) and moved from north to south kicking up the sea smoke as they formed. I’ll keep an eye out and hope for some cool pics the next time. đŸ™‚

Still no moose. More and more people keep coming up to tell me their stories of seeing these mythical beasts. There must be something in the water that causes hallucinations in long-term residents.


I’ve told you before how spoiled I am. Exhibit #234 would be the 18 pounds of crab legs which arrived unexpectedly in my kitchen the other day.

I cooked them successfully and I’ll finish getting all the meat out later today. Most of it I’ll freeze. Even with a couple of group feeds there is still too much to be consumed immediately. I’ll add it to the clams, haddock, and scallops already in my amazing inventory of frozen seafood. I love this place. đŸ™‚




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