All I Want


There’s no snow but lots of ice. Most of it is formed by the large amount of rain-soaked ground expelling excess water in our very cold temperatures. This is the closest I can come to pretending it’s a white Christmas. đŸ™‚

The good news is that the roads are clear. I’m heading out shortly for a gift opening at a house nearby. Later some friends are coming over to my place at which time we’ll carve the turkey and make sandwiches. Why wait for leftovers to get to the best part of the dinner?


There was a gift opening frenzy here last night and everybody was happy with the contents. I’ll clear up all the mess before I leave this morning … once the cats have finished enjoying the paper, boxes, and ribbons.

I’m listening to Christmas songs as I write this short post. My favourite is the one about the hippopotamus. In my mind though the words are changed to moose and mooses. sigh

I wish my friends and family and all of you Dear Readers a wonderful season of celebrations of all flavours. Be happy!




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