Happy 2019


We have snow/ice pellets/freezing rain and howling winds at the moment. I didn’t venture outside for photos. 🙂

These images are from yesterday, which was clear and calm. I was out wandering around at low tide – an extremely low tide. You can see the path over to the lighthouse. One of these days I’ll cross over.


The past year has been great. Oh I didn’t get all the work done on the house I’d hoped but the really important bits are done. The house may look like a warehouse for drywall and insulation, still it’s warm and dry.

My friends don’t seem to mind the unusual decorating and the cats are happy. I’m loving it here. The move out east is still the smartest decision I ever made.


My life is much busier than it was a year ago. That’s all good. It does, however, mean that I spend less time playing with my camera and produce fewer blog posts. I’ll try to get better.

I also spend much less time on the computer. Of course this means I spend much less time on social media and news sites. I don’t get as worked up about world events these days because I rarely know what’s going on. *grin* 


I did get one piece of news the other day. I told you our weather forecast is for colder than normal, more storms than usual, and more snow than I saw last year. This was confirmed by a Weather.com article which included the following paragraph. I’ll let you decipher it for yourselves .

“The current magnitude/flavor of El Niño event and expected high-latitude blocking associated with the solar minimum (and backed up by the November blocking) add up to heavily skewed odds toward a colder, stormier late-winter period,” said Dr. Todd Crawford, chief meteorologist with The Weather Company.


I don’t have any wild stories for you (although as an update the ghost has added the scent of some kind of perfume to its repertoire) or any great pics. It’s quiet at the moment and a good day just to read a book.

I did want to say Happy New Year! I hope for health & prosperity & joy for each of you. I’m going to have pancakes. 🙂



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