Early Endings


It’s a little strange, I know, to speak about endings at the very beginning of another year. However, it’s the end of the holiday season which means I had to pack up Christmas – that always makes me a little sad.


We’re also nearing the end of the winter Lobster Season. I left off chasing ducks (trying yet again to get a close up) to deliver some equipment down to the Harbour. While I was there I watched this crew unload their traps onto one of the scows.


It has not been a very successful Season. I feel bad for all of them – the workload and conditions don’t ease up just because there are few lobsters. Most of all, I feel sympathy for the guys with their brand new $1m boats. The payments don’t go down just because the lobsters are hiding.


It doesn’t stop though. Scallops are next, then more lobsters, and then we’re all hoping the herring come back.

One note – unlike the ducks, seagulls don’t mind posing for me. At least when they’re not fighting over a dump of leftover bait. 🙂


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