A Calm Period


There was no wind! This is very unusual for us – typically the only variables are speed and direction. The roads in the Park are really messy so I played it safe and went to Herring Cove.

Today’s shots are random, but I like the different little views sitting quietly in front of the big watery landscape between us and Grand Manan.


I keep learning (or realizing) new things on this Island. An example of this occurred in December. I had wondered over the years why Christmas Tree farmers pruned the live trees they sell into close-cropped, unnatural looking, shapes. It’s not like I spent a lot of time thinking about it, but it was something I noticed every year.


I finally had a “light bulb moment” a few weeks ago. I was watching yet another truck go by with “tips”. One of the ways people make money at this time of year is to go into the woods and trim the branches on fir trees to make wreaths.

I guess its smart for the farmers to do the same and get two sources of income from each of those trees. It seems obvious in retrospect. πŸ™‚


I finally cleaned out my car yesterday. People don’t worry about washing their vehicles here – for one thing you don’t waste well water on something like that. In addition, any good rain storm cleans them just fine.

Molly’s inside, however, was looking dangerously close to a garbage can. All those long trips to Saint John produced a lot of litter. She’s much happier now.


You can tell from this post that I am on vacation from adventures. Laundry and filing aren’t very exciting but at least they’re getting done.

The Parks are closed and the cabins in Herring Cove belong to the trees for the winter. There are no tourists and many (non-fishing) residents head south looking for warmer temperatures. The rest of us are just catching up on long neglected chores. I’ll let you know if anything exciting happens. *grin*






  1. I always enjoy reading your blogs. I love seeing the island from a different perspective. Keep up the good work. Your pictures are lovely.

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