Looking at the calendar is a low-drama event these days, but there are a few things on the immediate horizon which are getting a lot of attention.

I told you a while back that our long-range weather forecast included a lot of snow. They even brought up the winter from a few years back, which included over 6 feet of the stuff, to make sure we understood how serious they were.


That winter the snow didn’t start accumulating until Christmas. So far we really haven’t had much. So far.

Flurries are supposed to start today. A storm is coming Sunday. The forecast totals keep increasing. The last time I added them all up we were expecting 2 feet of snow in the next week – with no end in sight.


Coincidentally scallop season is supposed to start on Monday. The boats have been getting ready for weeks and lately I’ve been visited by a number of them doing final test runs.

I also have plans which will be impacted by the storm. Sunday night is a night I’ve been anticipating for months. The Super Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse.


The good news is that I’m ideally situated to view and take photos of this event. I don’t even have to do much beyond go down to the waters’ edge. The bad news is that a blizzard could would certainly reduce visibility. A lot. sigh

One last note. As I was going through the images I took yesterday I discovered I wasn’t the only one watching the boats.  It’s not a great shot, but if you look at the bottom left of this pic you’ll find one of my neighbours. He likes fishing season as well. 🙂



  1. Thanks for the info on the blood moon! Supposed to drop to 12 degrees Sunday night with windy conditions but I might try to grab a shot too 🥶


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