The only photos I’ve taken lately have been through my windows – not the ideal approach to great images. These little ones were sheltering (?) from high winds on a bare willow tree.

I know friends and family are posting with excitement about the arrival of Spring. This has not come anywhere close to us as yet. I’ve been warned to expect at least one more snow storm before Easter.

It’s a good thing I like weather, although I’m looking forward to finishing the wood for my ceilings before work begins again on my house. The current anticipated date is June. I believe it – assuming nothing happens to derail those plans. Fish do come first. 🙂

On a different note,

I’m one of those people who loves language, and languages, and I tend to notice changes in my own speech. I’ve mentioned my difficulty adopting breakfast/dinner/supper as the standard description of mealtimes. Other shifts have been creeping into my conversations without conscious effort.


When I arrived on this Island I was used to, and made use of, the phrase “Oh yeah” in all its various forms – enthusiastic, sarcastic, doubtful, ironic, etc.  The local equivalent is “Oh ah” although you have to swallow the second part to approximate the actual sound.

You know what’s coming next. The other day I heard myself use that expression in a conversation. Didn’t even think about it first – it just came out. I’m stuck here now.

I also overheard myself say something that makes me think the small, sane corner of my brain is shrinking.

  • Him: You need chickens. They’ll take care of the grasshoppers.
  • Me: What do I do in the winter? I’d have to have a coop for them.
  • Him: Pffft. Chop off their heads and put them in the freezer. They’ll be fat from grasshoppers, good eating.
  • Me: You are not killing my chickens. I’m very attached to them. They all have personalities and names. Hands off my birds!

I did get a strange look.

I saw a few of these birds outside the window the other day. Maybe they’ll bring the change of Season with them.




  1. I will have to be on the look-out for “oh ah”, now that i’ve been told what it means. *grin* He’d better NOT touch those chickens!!!! a coop for sure. what would you do for fresh eggs without them??? btw- my husband very much wants US to get chickens to take care of bugs and insects. can you imagine? I still miss Mallory, Bill and Drake. 🙂 As for the weather, huh. We had a glorious spring day yesterday – sunshine and in the 70s. I had prior plans to be having a “girls’ day out” with my niece, where “out” means “in” a mall. 🙂 So I kind of missed it. And now I’m hearing forecasts with temps dropping through the 50s to the 30s. As my mother would have told you, back in 1956 we had a blizzard on April 7. 🙂 That’s before Easter.


  2. I’m really glad you have Spring. No really. Sigh
    A coop sounds delightful. Now picture me going outside in -40 to take care of them.
    Maybe I could just arrange for playdates between various flocks and the grasshoppers. That way they’d be somebody else’s problem. Grin


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