If I do it Ironically it Doesn’t Count


Some might consider what I’m about to discuss as verging on political. Tough. Just look at the pictures if you don’t want to see it. 🙂

That’s a scallop boat above, leaning against the weir while they finished shucking their catch. Lobster season has opened and the scallops are fair game again next week. Fishing never really stops around here.

The next few shots were taken yesterday morning. We’ve got some more of these snow storms forecast for next week. The last image was taken a little while ago and shows what happens when you remove a wharf and the attached breakwater. We have waves now in the Cove.


I’ve told you before that I love living here. The move to this Island was the smartest thing I ever did. This has not changed. Paradise does have its serpents though and I don’t just mean the mosquitoes.

The move here seems to have involved time travel. In some ways it’s like visiting the 1940s – there are those who not only missed the whole change to Celsius, but other more important aspects of awareness and cultural progress.

A young man in his 20s looked at me one day and said “Are you one of them feminists?”. I confirmed his suspicions and didn’t bother to correct his grammar. Honestly, you have to pick your battles.


Now I’m not suggesting that my new home is the last, or only bastion, of various *cough* philosophies that many of us find (at best) disturbing. I’ve had way too much time on my hands lately and have stumbled on a variety of subcultures far more extreme than the casual, unthinking, and outdated nonsense I sometimes encounter here. The internet is a dangerous place.

This morning, for example, I found myself in the middle of The Patriarchy. Think masculine men (in fact Masculinity 2.0 which is “needed to save the west”). Men who recognize that they are born with the burden of performance on their shoulders (women of course are just supposed to have babies), those who strive to be a bad ass and worry about these “dark times for men”. There’s a lot more, but I don’t want to ruin your supper.


In the middle of my journey through this underworld I came upon the Grondyke Soap Company. Wow. Think pheromone beard oil. Think “efficacious attitude soaps”. One of the blends amplifies alpha status, masculinity, charisma, mischief, attractiveness, dominance without aggression and, it seems, women can’t resist them.

I’ve been mulling over ideas to make money. I need some starter funds to develop a way to replace the world’s baseboard heaters – the cost of heating a house on this Island is criminal. It wouldn’t be nice to take advantage of these manly men by creating a product marketed as something which helps them assume their rightful place in the world. Something which appeals to their obvious need for validation. What if I did it ironically though?

They’d feel even more manly. I’d have some money and we could figure out a way for people to heat their homes with something approaching a 21st century solution.

I could live with that.


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