My house really really needs to be cleaned so I felt the responsible thing to do was write a blog post first. 🙂

I made my first photo-taking excursion in months on Friday. Now I only went to Mill Cove, which is about 10 minutes away on the other side of the Island, but it felt really good.

You’ll notice that, apart from the evergreens, there aren’t any signs of new life in the landscape as yet.


This has changed a tiny bit in the past couple of days. The rain has resulted in small patches of a light green cast on the lawn and there are bumps appearing on shrub branches. Yay!

A few birds have started singing, but the prevailing sign that Spring is taking hold is much louder.

I’m not familiar with/much interested in motor vehicles except as a way to travel to a desired destination. The intricacies of and apparent areas of pride associated with them are alien to me.


It’s obvious that the seasons are changing (and that the Police aren’t on the Island much) because of the sheer number of 3 & 4 wheelers speeding around the roads.

I wouldn’t really notice them except for the invention of something called a Performance Muffler. If you are as uneducated as I you might think a muffler is something designed to muffle sound.

These miracles of modern technology are created to do the exact opposite. I did some searches on the interwebs and found ads bragging about how much louder they’d make your muscle car (or 3-4 wheeler in this case) than the competition.  I’ll testify that they work. sigh


I also visited the Harbour to see the brand new additions to the fleet. We now have 5 or 6 million-dollar fishing boats. They really are pretty. Everybody is hoping for bumper crops of lobsters and scallops so the payments can be made.

The next big hope is that the herring return this summer. Those little fish in your sardine cans will pay a lot of bills. For the rest of us it means the whales will return to circling the Island, but that is a couple of months away.

I checked my notes and I think I put out the hummingbird feeders at the end of April last year. I’ll monitor the migration and get ready to start my bird diner once again.


I’ve mentioned it before, I think, but what I’m really anticipating is the opportunity to get back to work on the house. Oh fishing still comes first, still I can make progress on the ceiling boards and some of the painted furniture.

Also I’ve totally lost anything resembling muscle tone. It’s quite depressing. So walks on the beach, DIY projects, and just generally getting out and about will be both pleasurable and necessary.

At some point I’ll get a puppy which will help. That won’t happen until I’m certain he or she won’t consume a fatal amount of plaster and/or screws inside this building supply warehouse I call home. The cats appear to be immune. 🙂

If you’ll excuse me Fergus is trying to take a selfie with the printer.





  1. Amazing the timing of spring between different latitudes, though there’s some snow nearby this morning in central Illinois. Looking forward to blooming pics!

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  2. I, too, would have thought a performance muffler would have made things quieter, and just don’t understand wanting to make the things louder. That’s just nuts. We still have snow on the ground. I was watching a video from a blogger I follow. They live in TX and had a hail storm (HUGE hail balls). I was supposed to be all amazed about the hail (and I was) but was more staring at the trees in FULL leaf.

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