The Only Superpower I Want


I realize there hasn’t been a new post for a while. The problem is that I haven’t been home much lately and when I am there are various projects distracting me. Mostly the latter involve helping friends with their tasks.

Sometimes my help centers around dealing with things like paperwork/bureaucracy which is not familiar to some of those who live on an Island in the middle of nowhere (and which they avoid like the plague whenever possible). Sometimes it just means driving somewhere. The good news is that now that I’ve had my surgery I can actually do all this driving without collapsing in a puddle. 🙂


It’s a very good thing this Province is as small as it is. Getting anything done means going somewhere and, when it takes an hour just to reach the mainland shores of Canada, you can imagine what it’s like when the destination is still further away in Saint John or Fredericton or anywhere else once you arrive there.

The past couple of weeks have been all about Doctors (not mine), Dentists (again not mine), and hospitals. I have no problems with this apart from the distance. Folks here are used to it and amazingly unfazed by the need to travel for hours every time something comes up.


With predictable timing there was a need for a friend to revisit a surgeon in Saint John (he’s wearing a hard boot and can’t drive) at the same time his Father was nearing the end of his life in the St. Stephen hospital. There were a few days spent catching naps whenever possible on the nearest flat surface.

There have been trips to Machias, many many trips upriver, and the aforementioned visits to Saint John. The cats will tell you that, even if I’m not spending the night in a hospital chair, I haven’t been home much. I am not in the least reluctant to make these trips, but I keep thinking somebody should offer road miles. Air Miles are of no use to me.


We were driving home the other night after my friend’s father had passed and discussing the next day’s trip to the Funeral Home and the need to go back to Saint John. It was during this conversation that I finally realized the one superpower I could actually use.

My new mechanical heart valve should come with a menu of special options, I just haven’t found it yet. When I do I’m picking teleportation. It’s been years since I could spend anytime in Second Life and Residents there will tell you that being able to TP is essential. Right now it would feel so good just to enter the address I want in my phone and magically travel there instantly. Road trips are just a fact of life here – that doesn’t mean I can’t wish for an upgrade.*grin* 



  1. I am so happy that you are feeling so great but saying this…don’t wear yourself out just because you feel you can do it. I am sorry to hear about Stanley’s father. xoxo

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  2. Yes, yes, yes. Teleportation, never having to go to the bathroom, face, makeup and hair always perfect and only costing cents. I keep trying to figure out how to move to SL. (That’s the other thing. Can you imagine your coast-to-coast move being done SL style? Click. Done.)

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