Small Steps


Spring is getting closer. I know this because, for the first time this year, it was above freezing this morning. There are green patches in lawns and ducks are introducing their young ones to the joys of diving for food.

I have a lot of animal targets for photos, although so far I just have signs of their presence. You can tell how industrious the beavers are – I just wish they’d stop hiding when I come by. 🙂


I was driving around with a very egotistical dog the other day. She probably weighs about 40 pounds and has no problem insisting she can take on any and all wildlife we might encounter. Nothing is too big for her to challenge.

At least that was true until we met the pair in the next photo. She took one look and raced to the other side of the car and whined. The little wuss.


There are lots of big and small dramas on the Island these days. One of them involves the topic of a ferry. We didn’t have one at all last year and there was an impact on tourism – people can drive through Maine to get here but only if they have their passports with them. Canadians driving around Canada don’t always carry that document even if they own one.

A committee was formed to try to sell the locals, and various levels of Government, on the idea of a year-round service. I applaud their enthusiasm but doubt their eventual success. I’d like to be wrong.


I had a conversation with a leading proponent of the scheme and mentioned one of the issues – winter weather around here does not make for smooth ferry sailing to the mainland. He said it was OK because he has two Fishermen on the committee and they assure him that would only be a problem for one or two days every winter.

I laughed and said you can’t use them as reliable sources of information. Fishermen are all nuts and sail in ridiculous weather.


Yesterday I took my first beach walk since last summer. It didn’t last very long but I’ll improve. My old Fitbit needs to be charged so I can monitor whatever progress I manage to achieve. It might also guilt-trip me into pushing harder.

In the meantime I have turkeys, turkey buzzards, beavers, porcupines, and other assorted wildlife to capture with the camera. Once I manage more stealthy approaches. 🙂



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