Small Bits


That brown carpet providing a nice contrast to the dead branch is rockweed. This stuff obviously believes that spring is here and it’s multiplying at a terrifying rate – it’s time for boats to start harvesting.

Oh I know some believe this means upsetting the ecosystem, but I’d point out that system is about 6 hours old and having the coves covered in a dark mass is nobody’s ideal. 


Frankly it’s still cold – I put clean flannel sheets on the bed yesterday. Fergus helped so it took a loooooong time. Being an optimist I expect a 2 or 3 week period in July/August when the summer sheets will come out. Don’t hold me to that though.

Most of the wildlife is good at avoiding my camera. There was, however, an opportunity for a great shot of a turkey vulture the other day – I was in a hurry so I left it to a breakfast of roadkill undisturbed. One of these days …..


The young eagles have been seen flapping their wings on the side of the nest. Of course when I was there they were asleep. Mama was up listening for rabbits. None of my shots give you a good sense of just how big she is – trust me, nothing is going to argue with this lady.

There are domestic animals on this Island, although I rarely share images of them. I went to visit a friend this weekend and had a long chat with one individual. I’m hoping to convince the group of them to come feed on my plague of insects.


Apparently dogs and chickens are not enough for my friend and her family. They have two recent additions – still unsure of this new environment and all the visitors coming to make kissy noises at them.

These babies have each other though and complain loudly if they get separated. I wonder if they eat grasshoppers.


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  1. I learned about something New Englanders call “mud season.” You’ll never guess why. I can’t wait to see the baby eagle pictures, if mom doesn’t try to eat you in the trying.

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