In the Park


Both Roosevelt Park and Herring Cove are now open – you can tell because the Island is much busier now. Even if I wasn’t aware of the cars and tourists I would know because potholes have been filled. 🙂

There is no good news to report as yet on the summer ferry to Deer Island. It’s still an open question whether or not we’ll get one this year so, in the meantime, all that new traffic carries American license plates.


I went to a couple of places, including Lower Duck Pond, this morning and all you get are landscape photos. I looked for deer and fox and even the non-existent moose (which have maintained their perfect record of non-existence). People seem to believe I’ll be terrified if I ever actually meet one of these legendary giant creatures. The truth is I’d be thrilled.

I’d have been thrilled this morning just to see a rabbit. The wildlife obviously knew I was coming. I suspect they laugh at me from their forest hideaways.


To orient you, I’m standing on the beach with my back to Passamaquoddy Bay looking out over two of the ponds that dot the shore. The birds must have been somewhere else.

Word is that both the herring and the whales are getting closer. Sightings are reported and shared multiple times a day which just makes the fishermen work harder to get ready. The whale watching outfits are stepping up their preparations as well. We also have the usual restaurants, pop-up food outlets and (for you summer residents who haven’t arrived back yet) there’s a new one. If you like ice cream head to Herring Cove Rd. on the backside of the Gift Store. They not only have cones etc., they have a special dish for dogs that I can testify is a big hit.


I forget sometimes what it means to live in a small community and it still takes some getting used to. I was reminded again recently when I had to make a quick trip to the hardware store in Lubec. On my way back the Border Guard asked me if I’d had an Ontario or BC license plate when I first arrived.

I said BC and he replied “Oh. Ok. I was wrong then.”. Out loud I just laughed but in my head I was thinking “Seriously? There was a conversation somewhere about that?” What will happen if I ever actually do something really interesting? grin




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  1. I love the Border Guard up there. I only went through that one time (right? ) but oh my, they were so friendly! and yeah – you live in a very small town, in a very small community. For the most part – isn’t that grand? Total bummer about the ferry. 😦

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