Who needs Clouds? … or Toast?


I had to go to Saint John yesterday for tests and a visit with the heart surgeon. Everything is great and he doesn’t event object to the riding mower (yay!).

When I got back I noticed some fish jumping in the Cove – first time this year. Photos were required because the fishermen aren’t going to take my word for it. πŸ™‚

As I was documenting my observations I noticed something in the cliff facing me.


I’ve spent 22 months looking at those rocks and yesterday was the first time I realized that this place might have a more interesting history than I thought.

It must have been the combination of humidity levels and angle of the sun but I saw a dragon in that cliff.

It looked like the holes coyote would make when roadrunner bested him (in the wall or ground) but this dark shape is definitely a dragon.


I know some of you will conclude that I’ve lost it – gone completely over the edge with this one. Think about it though – we’ve all stared at clouds and seen puppies or unicorns. For years people have insisted they see faces in toast or giant squash. I just live somewhere with creatures emerging from – or sinking into – rock.

I spent some time as the light changed looking for other patterns. So far I’ve found a dinosaur, a japanese pagoda, and an ibis.


I haven’t named her. That would be really silly. I do, however, feel that she is guarding this place and am comforted by her protection.

Admittedly toast and squash are far more easily monetized. It’s not like I can (even if I wished) sell her on eBay. She and her colleagues have been here for a long time and I concede dominion to them. I’m just glad they let me live here too. πŸ™‚



  1. I am not quite seeing her, but when I visit in a few weeks perhaps you can show me! I will be in Lubec beginning 28 July!

    Wonderful to have your frequent posts again. Best Susan in TX

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  2. That β€œDragon β€œ is just below our house and it has grown over the years ,,,,so seeing is believing ! πŸ‘….Thanks for the posts & pictures …i look forward to them ! β€˜β€™β€™…Lata,Dar

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