The Latest New Resident


They’re all nuts on this Island. It was, apparently, important for me to be awakened at 5:00 am (I don’t agree). The justification is that it was a “really nice morning”. Admittedly there was no wind, but that means heavy fog and the temperature was still below 10C (50F) which doesn’t qualify as “nice” in my book.

There was a group of fishermen down on the wharf and they kept pointing things out to me. I told them I’d appreciate all of it once my eyes opened. sigh


Most of the guys planned to go out earlier but the fog made them wait. At least that was their excuse. The truth is they were too busy admiring the latest addition to the Harbour.

She arrived at about 2:30 this morning, is 45′ long (with ramp extended) and almost 30′ wide – so big I had to go to the far end of the wharf to try and get her all in one shot. You know those million dollar boats I’ve told you about? This one cost a whole lot more. Now if only the lobster would re-appear people would sleep better. Still she is really pretty. 🙂


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