Long Day, Good Day


I’m starting my report backwards with the fireworks display over Deer Island. The guy in the foreground had his camera and tripod set up while I stayed in the car. He was clothed in long pants, heavy boots, hoodie pulled up, gloves, jacket, and a hat. Not because it was cold … it was his defense against the mosquitoes. My defense was the car.

Canada Day celebrations lasted 3 days, although much of that was accompanied by torrential downpours. Yesterday was mostly clear, sunny, and dry. The majority of my travels resulted in encounters with mothers (or fathers) and their children.


This large young lady had just laid her eggs (luckily I have along lens – we try not to bother them). The first time I saw “Turtle Crossing” signs on the Island I thought it was a joke. Nope. They wander across roads all over this place and they are (in my eyes) huge. This is not something I expected so far north.

One of the big events is the local parade. I love small town parades and this was the shortest I’ve ever seen – but full of enthusiasm and crowds of people lined up in their trucks along the route. I wondered why the kids all had bags until candy started to be thrown from fire engines and floats.


There were entries and spectators from Lubec as well, which is logical – this is really a whole week of celebration. The Americans have their big day on the 4th and the two sides of the bridge get involved in each Country’s party. 

The second mother I saw yesterday was sitting much closer to the road than she usually does. I wish I could convey through a photo just how big she is. A recent event might help you though. It involves some lobster fishermen just offshore.


The guys noticed an eagle “swimming” nearby. She was using her wings to paddle through the water and was in obvious distress. In spite of concerns about claws and that beak, they couldn’t leave her to drown so they went over in their runabout to assist.

What they discovered was that she was dragging a baby dolphin. Those aren’t small animals. Their approach disturbed the eagle and she let go – the dolphin swam away. So they saved a life, just not the one they intended. We believe the bird they encountered is the one pictured below just because of her size. She’s very impressive.


The heavy rain has returned today – I don’t know how they get away with describing this monsoon as “showers”. It should clear up again before the 4th. A few sore heads might accomplish that as well. 🙂

I’ll end today’s post with an image of the last entry in yesterday’s parade. I know these two – if you stop your car near their place, and open your door, they come running looking for any treats you might have. They also have a tendency to jump in and search your vehicle as well. They’re adorable brats.



  1. I saw an eagle on the 1st also with a dead gull. Flew quite close to me. Took it to the next and proceeded to pick it apart for the eaglet. Feathers from the gull were flying everywhere.

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