Gods & Other Mysteries


I don’t know a lot of things. For example, I don’t know why I took a lot of photos of seaweed yesterday except that I could see it. All of my biologist friends will do me the favour of not getting pedantic please – seaweed, kelp, sea lettuce, dulce, etc., are just things that grow in the water. I have enough stuff to try and process in this old brain – there is no need to add to my studies. πŸ™‚

It was another long day – left the Island at 6 for an appointment in Saint John, got back 8 hours later in time to run errands, went out on the water last night – and somehow there was no time for naps. One day I’d really like to experience the boredom my friend Ahuva says is associated with retirement. I might get this house cleaned.


One note of interest for the people who live here – or who know what I’m talking about – I took the shortcut home yesterday. For those who haven’t experienced it, this is a route which includes a treacherous, miserable, nightmarish, lengthy stretch of crumbling pavement, car-eating potholes, and seriously deranged drivers (shaken driver syndrome is probably responsible, it’s not just the tire rims which get dented).

Lo and behold the 12 mile stretch on the north end (it might be only 4 miles which just feels like 12) has been resurfaced. OMG. It was a transcendental experience. Smooth, fast,Β  and a little narrow, but you no longer have to swerve from side to side in order to avoid falling into an abyss. There were tears in my eyes when I gave thanks to the Asphalt Gods. Bless them.


I told you about the recent power outage. It seems a boat was dragging for scallops and cut the cable supplying electricity to us and Grand Manan. At least that’s what I’m told. I’m also told that both Islands are currently (yes that’s a pun) being powered by a giant generator. It seems NB Power plans to rely on that until the coincidental project replacing those cables is completed. OK – it’s not like I really care what direction the power comes from as long as it arrives. I believe in the Electricity Gods and their devotion to our comfort.

There is something weird happening though. Clocks all over the Island which rely on electricity (your stove, microwave, etc.) have jumped ahead. It started almost immediately after our power was restored – everybody was suddenly arriving places 10 minutes earlier than they thought and it’s getting worse. I turned my power off last Sunday to replace the pump filter and my plug-in clocks are now 13 minutes fast. I think we’ve been handed our very own time zone here – if people thought Newfoundland being 30 minutes ahead was weird, wait until they try and pin down CIST (Campobello Island Standard Time).


On a slightly related power note – well that’s stretching it, but it would involve power if I didn’t use a wood burning stove – I’ve arranged for my firewood. The process will be a little different this year – Nick is going to deliver 6 cords cut to the correct length. I’m going to borrow a splitter (Please, all of you doubters can just relax. You push a button. I can push a button.) and take care of that step myself. However, if somebody wants to stack some of it I won’t object. Maybe I can find the correct ritual to call up the Wood Stacking God.Β grin

I’ll leave you with a few new friends of mine. Rockweed is not only important for making ice cream and some medicines, it also provides a nice soft mattress. At least they got a nap. πŸ™‚



  1. I’m going to try the β€œShort Cut” this a.m going up river for the day …I hear its smooth now !
    Thanks for the post updates ..lata,Dar ………Thanks for the pictures .

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  2. Not to disparage your retirement activities, but you seem to spend an inordinate amount of time driving back and forth to the mainland. While I suppose that’s not totally boring, and certainly a freshly paved road IS exciting, I’m not sure that you’ve convinced me on the joy of retirement. πŸ™‚ Maybe if you took photos from the car…


      1. Wow! That is one restrictive handbook that does not allow passengers to take pictures! Glad I live by a different handbook. πŸ™‚

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