The Proverbial Giant Pterodactyl Skeeters


Ah yes, the heat wave. We haven’t achieved the stratospheric temperatures which Europe experienced recently (although many on this continent probably have) but, for this Island, it has been excruciating. Not to fear though, yesterday we had the forecast Severe Thunderstorm. It was very impressive.

Along with a lot of lightning, and associated giant booms, we had an awe inspiring downpour. I enjoyed it in part because I like storms and, in (larger) part, because I was looking forward to the major reduction in heat and humidity which would follow. Ha!


The temperature went UP. The humidity level went UP. The fog rolled in and the world was hidden behind clouds hugging the water. It lifted a short time later, but the temperature just kept rising. My faith in the positive results of thunderstorms was sadly misplaced.

I say the fog lifted – that isn’t precisely accurate. Most of it went away but, weirdly, a two foot thick layer stayed on the water. Everything seemed out of focus – hot, but blurry.

I did go down and take a few pics. One of them of this arch which has formed. I don’t know how long it’s been there, I just saw it this week. I suspect that the rock on the opposite side casts a shadow much of the day and the other end usually looks solid.


I learned something else this week. I was out on the water one evening and realized one of the reasons there are SO MANY $%&)@#%) MOSQUITOES on this Island. They love rockweed.

It’s not enough that they can breed in a drop of water sitting on a blade of grass, that they fill the trees and shrubs and rain pools and tear ducts. Oh no – they hide like the evil smirking (I just know they smirk OK?) tiny rapacious brutes they are in seaweed. I’m on an Island – I’m surrounded by seaweed.

I know that there are “people” who claim not to be bothered by these insatiable bloodsuckers. They aren’t “people”. They’re aliens. They might even be the ones responsible for bringing these tiny terrorists to our planet. They should all go home.


I made a life changing decision after the rockweed epiphany. Admittedly I’m known far and wide for being “cool”. It’s not something I’ve had to work at – I was just born this way. Some of us are given that gift. This privileged status will be coming to an end.

I cannot take it anymore. Clouds of flying, man-eating, sociopaths have become too much. I’ve ordered one of those mosquito nets you wear over your head. I apologize to my groupies, but if wearing a tent helps defeat those little monsters I’m willing to make that sacrifice.

Fogfest starts at the end of the month. We have a ferry this year and there should be a lot of visitors here to enjoy the music, art, and other special events. Nobody promises you fog, but I strongly recommend that you arm yourself with protection from mosquitoes. Unless you’re one of the aliens. In that case you and your little pets can go colonize some other world.



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