Whales are like Lightning


It was a gorgeous start to the day. A friend’s dog helped track the whales/seals/ducks and porpoises. Dixie can’t understand why she’s not allowed to take one home as a toy – I’m very mean apparently. It’s not like she did a great job anyway.

The difficulty with taking pics of whales etc., is that you have to get the camera setup in advance to get a shot. Much like lightning. No – hear me out. You can only be certain of getting the photo if you know where and when it’s going to be. When they’re feeding they can pop up anywhere within a few square miles. Luck plays a huge part.


The problem is compounded by my shaky hands – it’s possible that I’ll actually get a decent image, but the chances it will be in focus are slim.

This one was off the Breakwater this morning, along with a school of porpoises and various other water dwelling creatures. A perfect shot would have been of him/her surfacing near the sailboat which powered by. You would have been able to see that s/he is bigger than the boat which was estimated to be 50 feet long. I guess you’ll just have to imagine it. 🙂


The good (?) news from a shaky hand perspective is that I’m supposed to start on some meds today with the stated goal of calming them down. It’s not just being able to take pics which frustrates me – I’m really tired of painting the bathroom walls when I brush my teeth. Don’t even get me started on eating or drinking. grin

A number of years ago the Doctors tried me on all the various drugs used to reduce the symptoms of Essential Tremor. Unfortunately this took place before we realized you have to give me baby doses of drugs. I spent two years stoned out of my mind. I have no idea what I did or said during that period – it’s all a blur. Cross your (likely steady) fingers this time something works.


The porpoises came closer than the whales – but I still need time and calm camera action to try and get an interesting shot.

The various ducks/eagles/ospreys aren’t much better at posing for me. I suspect they don’t consider it to be their job. I’ll experiment with the new pills and see if there’s improvement – without some bizarre mental behaviour. They already know I’m strange here, I just don’t want to cross the line into lunacy. Maybe I’ll get lucky. In the meantime, every now and then something cooperates.



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