This is the first year of Fogfest when there is actually fog during the event. I’m sure it’s some kind of omen … just don’t ask me what. 🙂

A friend from Austin came over the other day – one of the really interesting women I met last year on my trips to Machias Seal Island. Our hot weather seems like a reasonable temperature to her. grin I’m disappointing her, I know, by not attending the various events but I have two excuses.


The first is my, by now legendary, antipathy for mosquitoes – I suspect the fact that the gazillion bites all wind up being 2 inches across has something to do with being on blood thinners. I’m easier to slurp from.

The second is exhaustion. It won’t sound like a big deal to most people, but I’m finally getting what I consider a reasonable day’s work done every day. Tuesday, for example, I cleaned out the garage (for a brief time I can actually see the floor in there) and then collapsed for a few hours.


I mowed the lawn late last week – the grass was long and wet. It was the first time I’d done that without stopping. I edged it the next day and for the first time did the whole yard in one day.

Yesterday I mowed again. I also edged, and swept the pavement, and raked up all that long grass from last week. My body refused to move last night BUT I did it. I’m actually starting to get in reasonable shape after the surgery. Reasonable ≠ not great. For me, though, this is major progress.


Today I’m going to move a lot more stuff up into my attic (think second floor currently unused and scheduled as a project way off in the distant future). I’m also going to assemble the firewood racks for the living room. True those walls aren’t finished, still I’ll put up some plywood backing to protect the drywall and be ready for the winter.

I also have to clean up the “office” area. I hate filing but that has to be set up and the various drawers have to be purged. Next, assuming the temperature eases off somewhat, I’ll finish painting/sanding the v-board and start painting pieces of furniture.

I’m finally feeling fully functional. Yay!


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