In spite of my earlier determination I did actually make it to one of the FogFest events on Saturday. It was a large group picnic at Herring Cove Provincial Park with a series of musical performances (which were great).


I spent my time chatting with friends and taking photos of some of the folks enjoying the day. I hope you get a sense of the family atmosphere.

I tried for a shot of Glen with mustard on his nose but his daughter quickly wiped it off. It would have been great!


I did try to find my friend Susan from Austin but we must have been at different venues – there really is a lot going on during FogFest.

The big news is that we finally, for the very first time, had fog during FogFest. Must be an omen.


I meant to post this update yesterday but wound up having a completely different kind of adventure. I’ll report on that soon.

Spoiler Alert: I might have a new profession. grin



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