Not a Recommended Diet


We got a lot of rain and some wind from Dorian but nothing like the areas east of us. This blurry photo is the big cable ship riding out the storm just off my cove. Blame the blurriness on the wind we did get. πŸ™‚

I had to go to Saint John the other day and there was a 3 hour wait between various doctors appointments so we did a little touristing. This was fine with me as long as I didn’t have to drive in that city.


The big mall downtown has, among other things, the Provincial Museum which includes a stuffed moose (so now I’ve seen one) and the skeletons of various whales. The mall also has a large indoor market.

Now this is a smaller city than Vancouver so the market isn’t as big, but it still felt familiar. In fact at one point I heard somebody behind me say the words Granville Island. I quickly turned and asked if I’d heard correctly and met two women from Vancouver who were just off the cruise ship sitting in the harbour.


The best part of the conversation was that they UNDERSTOOD when I said it has been 2 years since I last had sushi. They were appropriately sympathetic (nobody here is) and promised to eat some for me as soon as they returned home.

I tried to find something else I’ve not had in years but, although the produce sellers had heard of jicama, nobody had any. It’s weird what you miss. Don’t even try to explain Pho.


Fish is now 9 weeks old. He hasn’t gotten much bigger but he is developing a “coat” – including what appear to be tan coloured eyebrows.

There must have been a “Come to Jesus” meeting while I was gone for 10 hours on tuesday. I collapsed on the chair when I got back and he played with a toy on the floor while both cats ran around the house chasing balls. They appear to have reached an understanding. Now I just have to get him to stop digging up live worms and bringing them to me. I’ve explained this is not what I mean by sushi. πŸ™‚




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