Do Not Attempt This at Home


Some random shots today – nothing very interesting because I don’t want to distract from this important announcement:



The following involves doing something very dangerous, not recommended, and it should never be attempted. You could lose an arm! Even worse I will feel entitled to say “I told you so”.  Repeatedly.


So a friend of mine (nobody you know) had a washing machine which went rogue last January. One day the drum started turning for no reason. The lights on the control panel didn’t go on and none of the buttons responded. She had to unplug it to make the damn thing stop.

Any laundry this (anonymous) friend wished to clean had to be done at (still another) friend’s house. Oh she looked around for a laundromat, but the only real option was at the Provincial Park and it was broken. 


Last July this friend (well more of an acquaintance really) purchased a second hand washing machine. For two months all was well. Clothes were cleaned regularly (good thing, she doesn’t have a lot going for her so the smell of dirty garments didn’t enhance anything) and the house wasn’t full of large garbage bags filled with all the things which should be on hangers or in drawers.

Then one sad day the washing machine filled with water and stopped working. Just stopped. She said a number of words I’ve never heard before (actually we’ve only met once or twice, I don’t even recall her name).


This complete stranger did her research – which hypothetically included watching a number of DIY videos. The result? I understand (from the Island grapevine) that she took apart the washer, unplugged the appropriate assembly, cut a wire off of one of the outlets that have been removed from her wall, and bypassed the safety latch mechanism.

I’ve heard (4th handthat the washing machine now works beautifully. She is unreasonably proud of herself. It is to be hoped this random person will NOT stick her hand/arm into the machine while it is spinning. Seriously, blood should not be spilled just because clean underwear is a thing! It’s probably just an urban legend anyway – I’m certain nobody would endanger themselves in this idiotic manner. If I ever meet her I will definitely give her a severe lecture.



  1. Wow! Should you bump into this distant acquaintance again, do give her my congratulations!!! I agree with her about safety – highly over-rated. *grin* Maybe she can paste a SIGN to the machine that says something like “If you hear noises from the machine, disconnect before opening”. *grin*

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