I’m Fine!


A quick update because I know I’ve been absent from here. 🙂 I’m fine!

I’m getting winter prep chores done including cooking and freezing stuff. I should have a nice inventory of prepared dishes when I’m done. 

The doctor prescribed a “new” pill for my shaky hands. It’s actually one I had tried before so I emphasized the need for a baby dose. When I got home I discovered he started me at the same dosage they initially give normal people. I cut the pills up and take 3 mg instead of 10 – which is working. I am having the same side effect I had the last time though which is dehydration – so there’s now an alarm on my phone every 30 min reminding me to drink water. 

Fish has grown almost a whole pound. I recently did a Google search on teething puppy and one of the first results was the question “Does teething make a puppy insane?”. I can assure you the answer is YES.

He has a number of (let’s call them) quirks. I should have called him Dobby – he’s afraid of weather/pickups/barking dogs. This is Campobello – it’s going to be a long winter.

One is bizarre. I’ve never before had a dog/cat/goat/ferret/horse which couldn’t figure out how to poop.

This puppy is easily distracted (Oh Shiny Thing!) and if he sees something while he’s pooping he just heads for it. This inevitably results in something hanging out his butt and when the realization takes hold he’s convinced he’s going to die. There is much hysterical squealing and racing around the yard in a panic.

The other day he happened to look behind himself as he was obeying this call of nature, saw what was occurring back there, and cue the hysteria.

I am taking photos but few are getting processed. Fish wandered around my desk and invoked a lot of keyboard shortcuts rendering my photo editor almost useless. sigh

I’ll work on that once I get the firewood all sorted.

In the meantime I’m fine. We’re fine. Mostly. Except for Fish. I’m sure he’ll grow out of it. The cats certainly hope so!

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