Postus Interruptus


Two days ago it was beautiful – sunny and calm. So of course yesterday we had major wind and rain. I got up early, had a shower and a coffee, then sat down to write a post hoping to get ahead of any power problems.

It didn’t work. I was 2 photos into my description of an issue we encounter on the roads in Maine when everything went dark. Welshpool was out for 9 hours, we were without electricity for closer to 12. The winds came and went and came again – the many household generators on the Island hummed consistently.


I still have a number of things to do in preparation for winter but I’m in pretty good shape to deal with the lack of power. Much of that is because we know that the major undersea cable project is close to completion and they’ll be switching us over (if they haven’t already) soon. What could possibly go wrong?

Fish is still not a fan of weather. He thinks wind and rain is unacceptable – wait til he encounters snow! I got him a puffer jacket and have to find him boots. Taking him out to pee in January will be an adventure.


Speaking of snow, there is (I’ve learned) a belief here that you can tell how much white stuff will be coming by looking at how high the wasps build their homes in the summer. This year should be a good test. One of the locals started a recent episode of  his video blog by showing a nest on his property which is 30 feet in the air. I better get those boots.

Of course in order to select his paw-wear I need to measure his feet. Uh huh. I forsee another argument with the wee beastie.


It’s still 3 weeks until the beginning of lobster season but the work to get ready is well underway. Lobster traps are piling up all over the Island, ropes and gear are being worked on, and crews being readied.

It wasn’t a great summer for herring this year so bait is in short supply. The price has been jumping as a result and stress is rising. The whole Island needs a really good winter lobster season.

I’m lucky. I just have to worry about a puppy’s snowsuit. 🙂



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