Rare Sights


I had heard stories about an “albino heron” which visits the Island every October, but had never seen it. There have been reports of its return and this morning I was dragged away from my coffee to take photos. It is, of course, a Great Egret (the black legs are a real give-away). S/he is beautiful.

Fish came with us but was totally unimpressed. He’s been pre-occupied lately with the whole teething process. Keeping me awake at night is the one bright spot in his day. sigh


I tried to give him something else to think about the other day and took him to Herring Cove for the first time. This is a dog not particularly thrilled about any kind of adventure.

We walked to the weir and he spent most of his time either asking to be picked up or investigating the weir stakes lying on the beach (the recent storm did a lot of damage). He finally started to get excited about the walk – chasing things blowing across the beach, eating sand, sniffing dead crabs, etc. In fact he seemed quite happy as long as I kept him away from the scary water.


A friend decided to help with the sore gums and gave him a piece of a Freezie. This is analagous to giving a toddler pure sugar. I have never seen Fergus this upset. He growled, and hissed, and perched on a central table so he could swat at the monster racing around the house every time it passed.

I tried making Fish a sugar-free frozen treat – that didn’t interest him. In my sleep-deprived mind I’m thinking I’ll just put a whole freezie on the floor and leave the house. I’ll watch the egret while the rest of them sort things out. 🙂


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