The Powers that Be


Last Wednesday it was in the 60s F, sunny, clear, and calm. I’ve learned to recognize the signs of an impending storm. Friday we had tropical storm force winds and a lot of rain. I managed to get a post published before we lost power – it was off for 12 hours. Most of the Province was in the dark.

It was impressive that a crew actually came down through Maine to take care of our problem, given that the number of outages was much greater than the number of people available to fix them.


We’ve been informed that there is a planned outage from midnight tonight until 6 tomorrow morning. I believe they are going to switch us over from the big generators to the new undersea cable.

The good news is that the fishermen storing their recently acquired bait in freezers will stop having to deal with power surges. The bad news is that all that frozen herring is now in danger anyway for at least 6 hours. Assuming it is only 6 hours.

Somebody tried to tell me that the new cable would mean fewer power outages. (?!?) I pointed out that our power lines are above ground and will continue to be vulnerable to wind, trees, ice, snow, and the occasional d*ckhead getting drunk and driving his brand new truck into a pole.


That warm weather last week felt wrong and not just because it heralded the coming storm. Lobster season starts in a week and the last two times I went to watch them head out it was FREEZING. So something was going to have to change quickly.

Temperatures are much lower this week – I’m actually lighting the wood stove every day and another storm is approaching. This one promises wind, rain, and about 3 inches of snow.

I have a puppy who doesn’t like weather. This should be fun.


I chatted with an American border guard this morning about the weather. I didn’t talk to him about the latest weird aspect of living here. You see our mail has to come through Maine to get to this Island. For the past couple of months it’s been opened by Border Security in Calais. It all arrives with tape on it proclaiming that fact. They must be really disappointed in my packages from Amazon.

One bright spot in their day, though, would have been two of my recent purchases. It was Bay Day and that means new underwear (It does! It’s a rule.). I’m sure it was a nice change from opening my boxes of dog toys, well filters, and Tassimo coffee. 🙂


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