Being the Adult is a Strain


We received our first dusting of snow yesterday – more fell to the north and south but we escaped the 3″ in the forecast. Wind we have (the opening of Lobster Season might be delayed as a result) and cold temperatures. It’s below freezing now (at 9am) and the windchill has us at around 24F (-5C). Fish is not impressed. 🙂 

Yesterday we went to the bog for a quick walk. This location was chosen, over many other areas I might have visited, only because it’s Deer Season. I have a true dislike for citrus colours – so I don’t own anything orange. These few weeks I have to be very careful not to make myself an accidental target for the hunters.


I also made a quick trip upriver. This is becoming more hazardous for a number of reasons. One concern is whether or not leaving them alone for a few hours will give Fergus an opportunity to completely lose patience and kill the puppy. I keep telling the cats that, as tempting as it might be, they are the adults and need to restrain themselves. It isn’t easy.

I reminded myself of this advice on the trip through Maine. I’ve met a lot of lovely people in this State and I don’t hold any of my negative experiences against them. Honestly, though, there are a lot of very lonely drivers on these roads. Tailgating seems to be their preferred method of seeking attention from others.


It doesn’t matter what speed you go – fast, slow, right on the posted limit – they will stick to  your bumper for miles. It’s  not always possible to pull over and they ignore opportunities to pass you. I find myself truly understanding the desire to brake check some of them. Not that I would – it’s just that my evil internal voice strongly encourages me to consider it.

The population of tailgaters is diverse – it’s not just yahoos in pickup trucks. Yesterday a woman in a sedan sat 2 feet from my bumper for miles and miles on the highway.


I pulled into Morgan’s and went inside to calm down. One of the woman I’ve gotten to know was working there and I told her that I’m thinking of getting a bumper sticker which reads “If you want to ride my ass you’d better buy me supper first!“.

She laughed and said she already had one on her truck which says “If you’re going to ride my ass at least pull my hair!“.

I’ll let Fergus know that we can be snarky and still be adults. 🙂


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